Thursday, September 5, 2013

Softros Network Time Server - Quality solution for every organization

Today we are going to present you a solution for all organizations that have server time maintenance problems. The quality team of Softros, for which we wrote about back in the past, also offer Network Time Sync Software and Network Time Client. So, lets see what you will get with this software and what are its key features.

This Network Time Server, which is a client/server software, will help you create synced time environment for any kind of networks. Yes, any kind. From LAN networks of small offices to big networks of large organizations - VPN, VLAN, WAN. Also you may use it for single site networks with various domains and complexity. It will actually establish interconnected time synchronization system for every machine that is part of your company's network.

These are the key features that the guys from Softros proudly stand behind:

- Client/server architecture

Like we said this is a client/server software. So you can pretty much setup your own single or multiple time servers capable of hosting and operating thousands of time clients (workstations or any NTP/SNTP compatible devices).

- Multi-protocol support

There is a multi-protocol support. That means that the their Network Time System supports both its own proprietary time protocol and the world's most widely-used NTP/SNTP.

- Custom time zone and offset

With this unique feature, you can customize the source time (for example, received from an NIST NTP server) and distribute it to the time clients. In that way you will keep your time synced with the UTC or you can convert it to the local time, add or deduct any number seconds/minutes/hours from the source time to have your own time offset.

- Powerful license manager

It will also enable you to install, move or delete your original/additional/updated licenses with ease using a built-in license manager. This tool also allows you to distribute and synchronize all your licenses across the network.

- Network-wide deployment

It will Deploy Network Time System (Client) through Group Policy to all your Windows-based computers in just a few minutes.

- Administrative control

It will give you the ability to allow or disallow limited users to configure Network Time System (Client) directly from the Network Time System (Server) interface.

- 32-bit and 64-bit Windows support

Network Time System (Server) and (Client) are native 32 and 64-bit compiled executables. Both run as a system service and support all versions of Windows, from Windows 2000 to Windows 8/Server 2012.

I'm sure that these are enough reasons for you to check out this quality software. It is one of the best network time server solutions out there. I trust Softros and I may convince my bosses to start using it in the company that I'm working right now.