Saturday, May 4, 2013

iTech Cellular - affordable place to fix your mobile devices

iTech Cellular Store in New Jersey
I really enjoy my tablet and smartphone, but few months ago I broke the screen of my iPad and I was devastated. There are rarely affordable repair stores that do not try to rip you off. Anyway I found great and affordable service at iTech Cellular.

These guys are competent, professional, kind and they serve fast. You can basically fix any device, but they are specialized on the Apple products. That doesn't mean that they can't fix any Blackberry, Android device or PCs and lap tops. They also offer unlocking of iPhones.

When you take your broken device for repairing at the store, if the damage is not visible, they will give you free diagnosis and tell you what is damaging the device. They usually fix minor damages in half an hour, and larger damages are fixed in the same day. So you can take your device at the morning and return for it later in the day.

Because they are serious and ambitious company, they made it possible for you to sent your broken phone to their two stores located in New Jersey. There are fast delivery options like Fed Ex. So you can send your phone from any location in the United States and get it again in a few days. They also offer coupons and you can easily save money or get something for free.

Contacting iTech Cellular is very easy. You can call them or you can send them an email and they will reply you fast with answer to any of your questions.

So iTech Cellular is very serious and quality repair store that can help you in so many way. Don't hesitate to contact them if you have any tech related issues, I was extremely satisfied with their service.