Saturday, May 25, 2013

3 Ways That Near Future Smartphones Will Interact With Rental Cars

By now, most people have been exposed to the smartphone revolution. While it certainly won’t come as a shock that we’re going to see increasing levels of integration with these devices and our daily lives, you may still be surprised at how quickly the next generation of changes is coming about, particularly in the travel industry. When you find yourself renting a car in the near future, here are 3 ways your smartphone will help improve the experience:

Rental Keys Will Be Downloaded Directly To Your Smartphone

No more massive lines and lengthy delays at the rental desk: a developing app from Continental will allow you to download an electronic key to your smartphone immediately after your car is booked. The key app will allow you to find your rental on the lot, unlock the doors, and start the engine (thanks to a receiver that will be implanted in the car’s windshield).

Improved Hands-Free Commands Will Make Your Smartphone Safer To Use While Driving

Battling your way through the dense traffic of an unfamiliar city, especially with a temporary vehicle you’re not used to, is a prime recipe for an accident. Advanced voice-activated commands and vehicle integration will allow you to use many of your smartphone’s features without taking your eyes of the road or your hands off the wheel, allowing you to safely make calls, look up directions, change music, and more.

Augmented Reality Features On Your Phone Will Improve Your Safety And Help Protect Your Claim If An Accident Occurs

We’re finally dipping our technological toes into the realm of direct reality features—allowing your phone to scan the environment with its camera and provide detailed information. Taking a picture of something will actually let your phone analyze it, automatically offer info on it through the Internet, and interact with it via various apps.

This kind of integration will make it far easier for someone to immediately document pre-existing damage on a rental car, communicate with the rental agency if a problem develops on the road, get detailed directions that involve physical landmarks around a location in addition to a standard GPS map, and much more. Several gadgets are expected to jump headfirst into the arena of augmented reality in the near future—Google Glass possibly being the most famous example—but you can definitely plan on the newest batch of smartphones developing this feature as well.

Author bio:

John is a blogger who is still impressed on a daily basis with having constant Internet access in a pocket-sized computer. He writes for Protect Your Bubble, an Internet insurer that can provide excellent car rental insurance when you need it, no matter how fast and futuristic the process may be.