Monday, January 7, 2013

Traveling to Singapore? TheSmartLocal is all you need.. is not only about hardware, software and things connected to technology, but it is also about Internet and helpful web sites. Today we're going to present the excellent Singapore based start up,  TheSmartLocal. This website will give you tons of quality and helpful Singapore reviews. The reviews are not only aimed to the tourists of this great city, but also to the people who live in it.

For now, there are over 11684 reviews written, so basically everything you need to know about Singapore is here, you'll just have to find what you want to know.
There are 6 main categories in order to find what you need. Also, you can write your on reviews. The site has a forum in which you can also find useful information, or, write some of your experiences.

Bellow the main slider and latest news there are 6 big categories of latest news.

In the latest attraction reviews section you can discover interesting attractions like the S.E.A Aquarium, or in the latest eatery reviews you can find trending bars and restaurants. Also here you can find the latest shopping places that were being reviewed and find new places for accommodation.

“Singaporeans always complain that there is nothing to do in Singapore. We hope to play a part in changing that mentality,” said for Yahoo, the co-founder of TheSmartLocal, Bryan Choo

TheSmartLocal gives $200 awards to the top 5 contributors. You can became top contributor buy earning most points, and you can earn points by writing reviews, leaving review comments, posting in the forums and liking posts. This encourages competition and thus the quality and users of the site are enlarged.

“Too often, review sites are filled with fake reviews or reviews of just one or two sentences of questionable origin. This will not happen on our site and every review submitted requires a decent write up, that people will be interested to read. This is to provide a quality reading experience for visitors of the site and more accurate ratings,” Bryan added.

Simply organized site, with various options, sections and useful information. TheSmartLocal is an example for a great review site.