Tuesday, January 15, 2013

iRock - Swinging with your iPad

One design company from Switzerland created iRock, swinging chair on which you can charge your iPad.

Creators of the idea are Micasa Lab, from Zurich, claim that this rocking chair provides a different atmosphere - stand for iPad on the right side and speakers on the back of the chair, but not only this makes the iRock a special chair.

When you swing, the generator transforms every movement into energy.

"If you swing on the chair for 60 minutes, you can charge your iPad for 35%," people from Micasa Lab are saying. They also added: "iRock chair is improved version of the traditional swinging chair. The dock for iPad and the sound system are added elements."

iRock is hand made from Swedish pine and is sold in five colors. The price is $1300.

Would you buy iRock?