Thursday, November 29, 2012

WordPress prepares for a total web domination, introduces special web sites, the platform for creating web sites, grows every day, and the credits for that are going to the people from Automattic, the company that literally stands behind everything that is running on WordPress.

In the beginnings, it was only a blogging software, and today it is an excellent and very powerful content management system (Usability CMS - Content Management System). How Autommatic reached this level and how they plan to continue ruining ahead? The company directly advertise their product as a successful solution for its website platform for bands, weddings, cities and, the newest, restaurants.

Through these new "services" Autommatic offer to its customers to easily manage their website that is connected with a certain topic. For example, a new opportunity for a web-site restaurants offering users to simply creating a menu. While the project "Cities" comes with ready made designs that only needs to be filled with information about the city.

Currently, 17.4 percent of the top million websites in the world are working on WordPress. WordPress Automattic seem ready for full web domination, and whether it will succeed in its objectives, the time will show.