Sunday, August 5, 2012

TV camera for Skype from Logitech

Earlier this week Logitech presented high-definition web camera, designed for use with the system for voice and video communication over the Internet - Skype.

It's the model "TV Cam HD" who has broader angles than the usual web cameras, supports customized version of Skype and comes with a remote control to operate the TV and camera. For instance, using the remote user can enlarge or reduce display.

The camera is placed on top of the TV and it is connected to it with a HDMI cable. The camera also has an Ethernet connector and a power connector.

People from Logitech are saying that the camera don't need a PC, "smart" TV or other device to connect to. All the things needed are already built into it.

Users can connect to the Internet using an Ethernet connection and use multiple accounts to access Skype. The camera works like Skype phone, and has a bell that sounds when the user receives a call from another Skype user, regardless of whether the TV is turned on or not.

If the user don't answers a call, voice mail is activated, and a message is recorded from the caller. All these functions require that the camera has a constant supply of electricity, which is why the camera comes with its own power. 

Logitech's web camera, the TV HD Cam will start sales in August in the United States, at a cost of $200. From September it will be available in Europe also, but the price for this market is not known.