Tuesday, July 31, 2012

There are 500 million users on Twitter, but only 170 million are active

Gigi Ibrahim/Flickr
The analytical company Semiocast has announced that Twitter now has over 500 million users. However, not all 500 million are active.

The Analysis of the mentioned company show that less than a third, namely 27% of the users are active on the network.

Among the countries with the best proportions of registered and active users Netherlands are on top with 33% and Japan is at the second place with 30% of active users. Spain was third, followed by the United States and Indonesia.

In the 500 million users, the bots are also included, say the people from Semiocast, and the active users are all those who have had some activity in the last three months.

It is interesting that 75.4% of publicly published tweets are via TweetDeck application, and that 61% of all tweets come from mobile devices.

Also, there are more women on Twitter than men, but the man re-tweet more, according to Mashable. In over 11,000 tests, the men made 63% of the re-tweets and the women only 37%.