Sunday, July 22, 2012

The silent death of television

A graffiti in LA -
I discussed this with my friends lots of times, and now the research of the organisation Nielsen, also confirms it - the television is going to die. Slowly but surely. Nobody watches TV anymore, even when we do, we watch some sports event or exclusive new shows, but rarely who spends effective time in front of the TV.

The new report of Nielsen, organisation who measures the ratings and examines trends in the media business, showed that the number of people who watched TV at least once a month decreased from 90% to 83%, from the population last year. 

Proportionally speaking, this means that the television has lost 8.5% of its audience in 2011. year. Even 17% of people never watch television, according to a study conducted on a sample of 28,000 people in 56 countries worldwide.
The cable TV who ruled USA, today is in decline.

This is truly staggering loss of interest in television, as television is part of the living standards in developed countries, like electricity or hot running water are. Number of people who watch video on computers at least once a month increased to 84%. This means that at some point more people are watching online video than TV.
Cable TV subscribers are also in decline, according to the survey. (The figures are listed in thousands).

Data were collected from 500 respondents from each country who fulfill online survey. Although these data do not give the actual behavior of the audience, however, they show that users are increasingly turning to computers and the Internet. You can check the development of the internet in this infographic by All Stream which provides big picture on the adoption of IPv6. (internet protocol version 6).

Maybe only older people are still watching TV as usual, but as they are introduced to the new technologies, as ultrabooks, tablets, lap tops and smartphones.. they will watch much less television.