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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Fitness App of the Month – Captime

Captime was introduced here already as the timer app for CrossFit workouts, for you to get the most of your training, as if you were in the gym. Because we really liked this app and the features it offers for you to reach top performance, we are pronouncing it as our Fitness App of the Month. 


Basic Introduction 

This is a highly functional and straightforward CrossFit timer app, simple to use and efficient with clean and intuitive interface. Developed on the IOS platform, this timer allows you to reach top performance during your trainings. Using this CrossFit app, you will be able to workout at home as you were in the CrossFit gym.  


Time Formats, Voice Recognizer, and More 

Captime with its features offers you the chance to get the most of your trainings. Use the app’s voice recognition feature, scream TIME or STOP to stop the timer when your ‘’For Time’’ workout is done. Soon on this app you will get another feature, to scream ROUND to count your rounds/reps during your AMRAP. 

The app has warm motivating and clear design for your top performance during workouts. With an exhaustive listing of time formats, from AMRAP, EMOM, TABATA, FOR TIME, to INTERVAL, all available on the app. With just your voice, start and stop your timer, workout at home as same as you would in the gym, and get the most of your trainings.  

Download it on App Store to get the most of your CrossFit trainings! 

Official Website: Captime  

App Store Download Link: Captime 

App of the Day – Vroom Drive

What is Vroom Drive 

A reliable self-drive car rental app for Bangalore, India with affordable prices. It’s one of the best travel apps to rent self-drive cars online with on-time delivery, transparent policies, and inclusive prices to travel with ease.  


Standout Features: 

  • Self-drive car rental services 
  • For Bangalore, India 
  • Give ID proof and get verified 
  • Book and pick up car from Hub/Get doorstep delivery 
  • Handover car at start location 
  • Get security deposit refunded 
  • Clean and well-maintained cars  
  • Fasttag installed cars 
  • Transparent pricing and policies  
  • Inclusive prices of fuel, tax, and insurance 
  • On-time delivery  
  • Service for doorstep and airport delivery 
  • 24/7 roadside assistance and support  
  • Friendly customer service  
  • Free for download 






Uniqueness: High 

Potential of going viral: Medium 

Usefulness: High  



Compatibility: IOS 10.3 or later  

Requires: Android 4.4 and up  

Developer: Vroom Drive - 24 X 7 - Self Drive Car Rental app 

Official Website: Vroom Drive  

App Store Download Link: Vroom Drive  

Google Play Download Link: Vroom Drive 

Monday, November 29, 2021

Health App of the Month - Mindforth

Mindforth was introduced here already as the therapy tool with access to mind-training programs that can help you better your mental health. Because we really liked this app and all that it offers for your well-being, we are pronouncing it as our Health App of the Month. 


General Intro 

Developed for Android and IOS users, this therapy tool is simple and effective, offering unlimited access to mind training programs. The programs designed by experts in the relevant fields that include mind detox, pre- and post-natal support, male and female sexual health, stress reducing, better sleep, and more. Get the support you need on your journey to better mental health.  


App’s Features  

This pocket therapist offers variety of features for your journey to better mental health. It has life changing hypnosis recordings using advanced studio technology to empower you to make changes on a subconscious level. With the additional sleep functionality, you can customize your hypnotherapy experience, with the options to either awaken or continue to a restful state of sleep. 

Inspiring mini podcasts and exercises to inform you and support you on your journey with NLP techniques targeted to help you achieve specific results are available on the app. For kids and adults, there are carefully selected meditation tracks that include nature sounds and binaural beats for sleep, relaxation, creativity and other. To assist in slowing racing thoughts and promote sense of calm, the app offers guided breathing tool. Hit the Quick Fix icon for instant relief to get a mix of tools to help you in overwhelming moments. With this app stay informed, motivated, and supported on your mental health journey. 

Download the app on Google Play and App Store for better mental health with mind-training programs! 

Official Website: Mindforth  

App Store Download Link: Mindforth  

Google Play Download Link: Mindforth